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We are looking to strengthen, not only the National 700 Club,
 but each and every one of our member chapters!

 So p
lease continue to send us information of your Chapters!!!

We have a lot of pictures to add to the site this year.
Some of those, we are hoping you can help us identify them.

If any of the Chapters have an Anniversary, please let us know.
We would like to have a special section on the front page here to honor them.


2016 National Open Tournament <<<<

Sat. May 21 & Sun. May 22
Galaxy Bowling Center
2226 E. Hill Rd.
Grand Blanc, Michigan



National 700  Club Tournament
>>>Golf Outing<<<

Friday, May 20
IMA Brookwood Golf Club
Burton, MI



2015 National 700 Tournament
was held in DeKalb, Illinois
June 6th & 7th

Congratulations to the winners:

Team: 3 Bills, DeKalb, Ill
Doubles: Bill Underwood, Jr & Bill Underwood, Sr., DeKalb, Ill
Singles: Stephen Berry, Cedar Rapids, IA
All Events: Stephen Berry, Cedar Rapids, IA
Senior Singles: Stephen Berry, Cedar Rapids, IA
Senior All Events: Stephen Berry, Cedar Rapids, IA

Results & Scores


New Rules for National Tournament
Average & Dress Code



Averages: Bowlers shall use their 700 Club National Tournament Averages based on at least 18 games or highest 2012-2013 OR 2013-2014 composite average as listed on Bowl.com, whichever is higher. If neither of the previous averages are available, bowlers will use their highest current average (21 game minimum) for the 2014-2015 season as of 4-30-15. Sports League averages must be clearly identifiable and will be converted using the conversion chart in the USBC rule book. All bowlers without one of the previously stated averages will use a 220 average. Averages are subject to verification, and any bowler found to have a higher average than the one submitted or a non-disclosed Sports League Average may be cause for forfeiture of all prize money and awards.


Dress Code: All Bowlers must wear a collared shirt. Shorts will be allowed as long as presentable (NO cut-offs, stretch/gym shorts, etc.). 700 club shirts should be worn with pride in tournaments. NO HATS TO BE WORN DURING TOURNAMENT PLAY.

Check out the
History & Memories Page

We have received lots of programs, pictures, and info on the history of our organization that we can put on the site.
It's taking some time to scan it all. The plan is to work on it this summer while we have a break from the regular bowling stuff.

Information for the website can be sent to

Gary  & Chris LaClair

John Loncarevic


Club History
The National 700 club was formed in 1942. 
We are fortunate to have in our possession many programs and other miscellaneous papers starting from 1943. The programs include some interesting information and photos.
The 1943 program is now available for viewing.

Hand Book

National Officers

Regionals & Chapters
updated 02/14/16

History & Memories

Composite Averages

Tournament Page

Local Clubs

Dubuque #5

Harrisburg, PA #7

Rome, NY #13

St. Paul, MN  #18

Cedar Rapids, IA #19

San Jose, CA #21
updated: 02/04/16

Ann Arbor, MI #25

York, PA Area #27

Flint, MI  #28

Minneapolis, MN  #33

MetroEast, IL #58

Northern IL #60
updated 11-16-14

We are still looking
to have all the chapters represented here.
Please send
your chapters info,
such as the website address to